BluesQuake Organizers

The BluesQuake team consists of many people contributing what they can to make this event great. Commitments vary from Organizers, who are involved in all of the pre-event planning, to Coordinators, who take on managing and running the event, and finally to volunteers, who give their time and energy so generously.


Angie Huang, Sacramento CA

Angie came into dance through a ballroom taster class... and soon fell madly in love with lindy hop at the start of 2009. An avid event traveler, her passions in the community are in social dance and DJing -- both with the focus to co-create inspiring experiences. Angie has been with BluesQuake since its inception (thanks Steve!) and loves working with a damn good team. Outside of dancing, her goals and dreams include becoming a nurse, DJing her own dance club, traveling within Taiwan, and cuddling a teacup pig.


José Gamero, Portland OR

Jose once liked to dance a lot. Then, he liked helping make those things happen. He's run or helped run Rose City Blues, PUX, The Fusion Exchange, Portland's Tuesday Blues & Barefoot, Champagne &  Roses, and Recess events, in addition to BluesQuake. Now that he can't dance as much, he likes to stay involved with the community by still helping put some events together, especially when it's such a good team. When he's not doing that, he is spending time with his husband, playing with their giant puppies, and living through a house remodel from hell.


Steve Yang, Oakland CA

The Bay Area was previously home to several notable annual blues workshops, but in 2013, there was no such event. Noticing this vacancy, Steve brought together the group that created BluesQuake 2014 with the purpose of empowering them to create the kind of event that they wanted. The result was an event that went way beyond anything he could have ever imagined. With the blues scene here running at full steam now, thanks also to Sundown Blues' management of the weekly venues, BluesQuake is transforming to reach farther than ever!


Philip Bell, San Diego CA

You may remember me from staffing such events as Denver Fusion Exchange, Midwest Fusion Affair, City In Motion Dance Weekend, Dance Out Loud: Closer Encounters, BluesQuake 2015 and 2016. 

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Tresne Hernandez, Oakland CA

Tresne loves connecting with people. Talking, laughing, dancing, clowning. It's the best. New to the BluesQuake organizing team this year, they are excited to help create event that contributes to our community and supports people to bring all people's awesomeness to the world.