Friday Night Band

The Hot Baked Goods, San Francisco, CA

One of the Bay Area’s favorite dance bands will be slowing it down, wailing music to make you drag your bones across the floor. The eight piece band will feature Ryan Calloway (clarinet), Clint Baker (trombone), Sam Rocha (Cornet), Jess King (vocals), David Lewis (guitar), Alex Fernandez (bass), Andrew Hall (piano), and Riley Baker (drums). Their sound will fill the room and your soul.

Saturday Night Band

The Zapata Brothers TRIO, Portland OR

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this Blues Band. Composed of a group of inspirational musicians and skillful performers, the artists behind Dante Zapata & The Zapata Brothers. have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, they continue to touch fans around the world with their distinct and enjoyable musical style.

DJ Lineup

reeva dj.jpg

Reeva Bradley, Berkeley CA

Reeva’s enthusiasm for amazing music shows through every song she plays. She DJs in conversation with the dancers in the room, creating dynamic sets that infuse the floor with energy.  You can dance to her tunes in her home base of San Francisco, and wherever she travels. She’s DJed at national and international events, such as European Blues Invasion, Rain City Blues, and Mean Old Blues.

lydia deejay 3.jpg

Lydia Breen, San Francisco CA

Lydia Breen, sometimes known as "Lady B", has been around the blues block for a while now.  She began deejaying when she lucked into a beachside apartment in Chicago, which meant of course: dancing on the beach!  After replacing her hardwood floors some 4 or 5 times, she moved to indoor only winter Blue Christmas parties, leading to an overwhelming acquisition of Christmas blues music.  Live blues music, the grittier the better, is her passion, and she makes it a point to research the latest lineup at Chicago’s Blues Festival every year, despite no longer living there.  She loves San Francisco and is excited to share her love of the blues there whenever she gets the chance.


Mark CarpenterMountain View CA

Mark has been playing for dancers since 2005, and officially started djing in ’07 at the newly opened Drop Dead Blues in SLO, CA where he was a founding member. Since that time he has played across the globe at social dances and large events spanning from Korea to Alaska to Australia.  He plays only the most quality songs from his eclectic musical collection and has stolen unapologetically from every great DJ, musician, or music aficionado he’s encountered.


Elizabeth Kilrain, San Diego CA

Elizabeth's journey with the blues began as a musician long before she started dancing the blues. She loves going out to bars to see bands play live and loves the exchange of inspiration between musicians and dancers. She aims to inspire that same kind of energy and play when she DJs a social dance.

Rachel DJ.jpg

Rachel StirlingPortland OR

Rachel fell in love with blues music upon finding the dance over ten years ago. She's got a passion for the wide variety of blues music from Piedmont finger-pickin', gritty swamp, funky boogaloo, to entrancing hill country. Above all though, it's gotta be real and have soul. She finds inspiration from the incredible live music she has access to in Portland and across the US. Just know, you're guaranteed to hear tunes that have some ass and make you want to shake it.


Steven WatkinsOakland CA

Steven, a.k.a. Dr. Feelgood, originally hails from New York City, Steven now calls San Francisco/Oakland Home! He started dancing 6 years ago, and he began his BLUES DJing career at his other adopted home - you guessed it - St. Louis' Cheap Thrills 2004. Since then Dr. Feelgood has been thrilled to be spreading his love for the BLUES, with some smooth, gritty, sultry music, coupled with a great sense of musical timing. Oh, those sexy good looks help too!