Why are we here?

BluesQuake is a celebration of our connection to the Blues.  It is a celebration for how we feel blues in our bodies and how we share that with our dance partners. We celebrate community and the larger context of blues music, dancing, and culture.  Everyone has a contribution and the special sauce they bring to the world! BluesQuake is a place to bring it, whether that be your joy of dancing, your drive for dance technique, your passion for organizing, or your love of the history and context of Blues.

How do we celebrate?

  • We foster connections between the local community and the national/international dance communities;

  • We create opportunities for connections between experienced dancers and those new to dancing;

  • We create, re-create, and learn how to create an empowering space for people regardless of gender expression, orientation, race, age, nationality, physical ability, preferred dance role, or any other descriptor. We actively work to dismantle systems of oppression and create a safe, welcoming environment;

  • with DANCE. DANCE. and more DANCE!

  • And more because.....

How do you celebrate?


Our Vision

To continually re-create a blues dance scene where everyone is supported to bring their contribution!


It all started when...

Look at those eyes - twinkling with idealism!

Look at those eyes - twinkling with idealism!

Steve Yang looked around the wide San Francisco Bay Area of 2013, and saw no blues workshop weekend!

He wanted to create a space for people to learn more about this dance that he loved so much, and yet was underrepresented here. He also wanted to support the development of new organizers, and building community. And, of course, he wanted to create the kind of event that he would want to attend, and have fun doing it!

Steve brought together a team of top notch individuals who found their leadership, and are now significant contributors to the San Francisco Bay Area blues dance community.