Q: Will I be able to buy passes at the door?

Generally, yes you will be able to buy passes at the door. The venue does have a maximum capacity, though, and if we reach it we will turn people away at the door.

Q: Turns out I can’t make it. Can I get a refund?

BluesQuake passes are not refundable, and are freely transferable.

Q: How do I transfer a pass?

Please an email to bluesquakeinfo@gmail.com with the recipient CC’d, stating that you’d like to transfer the pass. We’ll email to confirm the transfer has gone through! Also note that you’ll have to work out the financials yourself.

Q: Which pass should I buy?

Probably All-Access, but we have Dance Only for those not interested in classes, or Workshop Only for those not interested in dances.

This year we are selling these passes at different price points to make this event as accessible as possible. Please purchase the highest price point you are comfortable with, to leave the limited number of lower-price tickets for those who need it. We appreciate your assistance.

It is recommended that attendees buy tickets as early as possible, both so that you can get a good deal, and so that the BQ team can sleep at night.

Q: How do class levels work for the workshops this year?

Please see Auditions and Levels.

Q: Can I change class levels during the workshops?

You can take classes at or below your assigned level, but not above. If you feel your assigned level is negatively impacting your experience, please don't hesitate to contact the BluesQuake staff.

Q: How do I get my ticket?

We do not have physical tickets. When you purchase a pass your name will be added to the entry list. You can check/update your registration with us anytime preceding the event. Check in at the registration table when you arrive at BluesQuake, we will have your name on the list.

Q: What is the BluesQuake Code of Conduct?

The Code of Conduct is a document that we, as members of the community, expect the community to agree to. Our Policy section also contains various other documents that supplement our CoC.

  • The Code of Conduct describes expected behavior, which really comes down to “Be nice to each other and treat everyone with respect”.
  • The Grievance policy describes the procedures that attendees and BQ organizers may use to resolve negative interactions.
  • The Photo Policy describes how official and unofficial photographers should interact with attendees, and gives options for attendees to communicate if they do not wish to be photographed.
  • The Respectful Dance Partner page describes helpful ways to be a respectful dance partner.
  • Complaint Form is an online form attendees can use to report complaint or negative interaction. Attendees can choose to report a complaint in-person to an event supervisor, or through the online form.

We recommend that attendees familiarize themselves with these documents before the event so that we can all help to create positive experiences for each other throughout the event.

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