Why Auditions?

We want you to get the most out of your BluesQuake experience! 
The purpose of auditions is to place you in the class level where you will have the most fun, be challenged (but not left behind), and be in the best learning space to level up your dancing from where it is right now. 


Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 20 at 10:30am.


People who would like to do Levels 1 and 2 do NOT need to audition.
People who would like to audition for Levels 3 & 4, please arrive at the venue at 10am to register and warm-up.

Level Descriptions*

*With permission, based on BluesSHOUT!'s level descriptions. Thank you, Sara Cherny!

Level 1

Level 1 is great for those who are new to blues dancing, up to 1 year of blues dance experience! You’re learning the blues aesthetic, various basic steps, and dancing to different kinds of blues music. If you are coming from another, non-blues dance style, this level is for you, and will immerse you in the basics of blues dancing for the entire weekend.

Level 2

You’ve been going to blues dance workshops, lessons, and social dances for 1-3 years. You’re familiar with the blues aesthetic. You are beginning to demonstrate competency in maintaining a relaxed, athletic posture, grounded pulse, and lag between yourself and your partner. You can dance in place as well as while travelling, and can combine travelling with basic turns, while maintaining balance and direction. You are getting comfortable dancing to slow and fast blues music. You are starting to explore solo blues dancing, and are comfortable breaking away from your partner.

Level 3

You have been blues dancing for at least 3 years, and can demonstrate all level 1 and 2 skills. You can create and maintain polyrhythms, and express yourself and your style without disrupting the dance partnership or blues aesthetic. You have a trained ear for what is blues music vs non-blues music. Dancing solo and partnered are equally comfortable for you, and you can transition between them smoothly.

Level 4

You’ve been blues dancing for at least 4 years, and can demonstrate all level 1, 2, and 3 skills above. Level 4 students tend to be those in their dance community that compete, perform, and/or teach. You’ve watched yourself dance, either in the mirror or from a recording, and can assess your own movement quality and development. You’ve created your own unique personal style of blues dancing. When you listen to a song, you can pick out elements that encourage/discourage the blues aesthetic. You are comfortable dancing to any genre of blues music, of various tempos, be it partnered or solo.

All LEvels

All-Levels classes cover topics that benefit everyone, regardless of your experience or skill level.